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We never accept shortcuts or compromises when it comes to the quality of our work. This is why we always use the highest quality materials and state of the art application techniques. Our promise is to virtually eliminate burden, guess work and unbudgeted expenses for our customers by doing it right the first time. We strive to provide the highest level of pavement condition and life span, all in accordance with detailed specifications, budgets, timetables, and expectations. From asphalt to concrete we know parking lots better than anyone in the industry.

Removal and Replacement

Removal and replacement is used for more severe deterioration, especially when the underlying base has been affected. The damaged areas are squared off, saw cut, and excavated to the appropriate depth depending on the subsurface conditions. New rock base is then added, if required, and compacted in preparation for the new asphalt surface. Finally, hot-mixed asphalt is placed over this layer in multiple lifts and compacted. As with resurfacing, the entire surface should be treated with a sealcoat to protect and enhance the appearance of the asphalt.

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Sealcoating of pavement surfaces is vital for all pavement surfaces. Sealcoating makes your property look attractive and appealing for future tenants, customers and potential lease holders. Beyond the advantage of the aesthetic appeal, sealcoating protects asphalt pavement surfaces from damaging chemicals released by vehicles, and the damage caused by UV rays and acid rain which age your pavement surface prematurely.

This preventative maintenance measure can save thousands of dollars in replacement cost of existing pavement surfaces. We provide sealcoating services adhering to the strict manufacturers specifications to ensure a quality pavement surface for years to come.

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Striping assists your visitors in the safe use of your parking lot. It directs traffic to the proper route of entrance and exit, allowable areas to park, loading zones, crosswalks, and defines aisles that are wide enough to avoid accidents with cars and pedestrians. Properly designated parking spaces also maximize the number of cars you can safely accommodate.

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ADA Upgrades

In 1990, Congress enacted the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This groundbreaking piece of legislation makes discrimination against people with disabilities illegal. Under the law, all properties that are open to the public must be handicap accessible. Parking lots are required to have a minimum number of designated handicap spots, and there are strict regulations covering spot dimensions and location.

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Fabric Overlay

Fabric Overlay is a cost effective solution for widespread, moderate to severe deterioration. The fabric is a non-woven, petroleum-based geotextile fabric used to retard reflective cracking between the existing pavement and the newly installed asphalt surface. This fabric acts as a waterproofing membrane, while also adding structural support and strength.

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Crack Fill

Crack repair is very important in asphalt maintenance because it prevents water from entering through the crack to the subbase of the asphalt. If the water is improperly drained, it can soften the supporting subbase and may lead to allegation of the asphalt and eventually pothole formation, which will require costly future repairs.

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Curb Painting and Signs

Curb painting and signs can be used individually or together to help convey a specific message to drivers. A painted curb means that you must follow special rules. Painted curbs are often located around a school to inform drivers where parking and stopping are allowed or prohibited. The color on the curb typically means:

White (or no color):
Parking allowed, unless restricted or limited by signs.

Parking for the disabled only. Motorists must have a disabled person parking placard (typically hanging on the rear view mirror) or disabled person or disabled veteran license plate.

Parking allowed for a short time. The time is usually shown on a sign next to the green zone, or may be painted on the curb. Green curb can also be used for student loading zones, if accompanied by the appropriate signs.

Stop only long enough to load or unload passengers – no longer than posted. Drivers are usually required to stay with their vehicle.

No stopping, standing, or parking. A bus may stop at a red zone marked for buses. Red is also used to designate fire lanes at schools or “No Parking” areas.

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Ramps, Sidewalks, Curbs, Flatwork, Driveways, ADA Compliant

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  • Concrete Curbs

  • Fiber Overlay

  • Grading

  • Speed Bumps

  • Pothole Repairs

  • Sport Courts

  • New Installation

  • Driveways

  • Concrete Grinding (trip hazards)

  • Wheel Stops

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In today’s marketplace, the stress of competition has caused many companies to abandon their commitment to quality, and to compete exclusively on price. We steadfastly refuse to engage in this short-sighted race to the bottom. While our crew efficiency does allow us to offer prices as competitive as any in our industry, our primary focus as a company will always be on the bigger job of adding value and quality for our customers. Competitive pricing is a part of our value proposition, but we aspire to offer much more. We are legally licensed, insured, and bonded for any private or public project.

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